Opening on 8 November at Schauspiel Leipzig: Battle for democracy and freedom

Tänzer:innen in rot leuchtenden Kostümen. Haare wirbeln durch die Luft.

The time has almost come: on 8 November, the 32nd euro-scene Leipzig will open with ANY ATTEMPT WILL END IN CRUSHED BODIES AND SHATTERED BONES. In the choreography, the Flemish star choreographer Jan Martens dedicates himself to the battle for democracy and freedom.

The title indicates radical repression, if not sadism: “Any attempt will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones,” China’s president Xi Jinping commented on the demonstrations for democracy in Hong Kong in 2019. At the same time, in Europe the yellow vests, Occupy, Extinction Rebellion, citizens’ angst, etc. demonstrated on the streets.  In ANY ATTEMPT WILL END IN CRUSHED BODIES AND SHATTERED BONES on 8 November, Jan Martens uses the protests as a motive to examine with his 17 dancers between the ages of 17 and 70 how collective action and political rebellion for more solidarity and civil rights can work.

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