Антица (Antica)

Антица (Antica)

Naroden teatar (Nationaltheater) Vojdan Černodrinski, Prilep

Friday, 11. November 2011 // 19.30-20.45 Uhr
Saturday, 12. November 2011 // 19.30-20.45 Uhr

    German première

    »Sound disturbance« – A simple story, an old motive: the forced marriage. Antica, a young woman, is promised for marriage to an old, rich man from Macedonia. However, there are also other suitors of Albanian, Turkish and Greek descent vying for her hand.

    The Croatian director Branko Brezovec and the Macedonian composer Marjan Nekak have come together and created an energetic, thrilling piece of contemporary music theatre.

    Earnest and ironic at the same time, it is dedicated to themes of the past and present such as reverence for the ancient, freedom of religion and tolerance of minorities.

    Macedonia is one of the successor states to the former Yugoslavia. Located between the Orient and the Occident, between Albania and Bulgaria, this small Balkan country is searching for its identity today.

    Branko Brezovec, born in 1955 in Zagreb, has directed more than 60 productions in numerous European countries. »Antica« was created with the national theatre of the small Macedonian city of Prilep and its amazing actors. Brezovec was a guest at euro-scene Leipzig 2007 with his piece »Svadbe i suđenja« (»Weddings and trials«).

    »Brezovec’s production transforms Krles’ harmless, melodramatic play into political theatre. The scenes and all of their classical, baroque and scenographic characteristics present an image of the current euphoria of the Balkans« (Cvetanka Zojčevska, Vreme, Skopje, 04.11.2010).

    In Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and Greek with German subtitles

    Following: audience discussion
    Presentation: Gordana Vnuk, direktorin Festival Eurokaz, Zagreb

    Uraufführung: 08.10.2010, Prilep
    Kontakt: www.prilepskiteatar.blogspot.com / www.eurokaz.hr
    Produktion: Naroden teatar Vojdan Černodrinski
    Das Gastspiel in Leipzig erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch die Europäische Kommission – Generaldirektion Erweiterung »Südosteuropa: Menschen und Kultur«, Brüssel, und das Ministerium für Kultur Mazedonien, Skopje.

    Text: Risto Krle

    Konzeption und Inszenierung: Branko Brezovec

    Komposition: Marjan Nekak

    Choreografie: Kire Miladinoski

    Bühnenbild und Kostüme: Branko und Suzana Brezovec

    Darsteller: Suzana Brezovec, Violeta Čakarova, Katerina Čakmakoska, Trajče Ivanoski, Dimitrina Mickoska, Nataša Naumoska, Marija Spirkoska, Viktorija Stepanovska, Najdo Todeski, Dimitar Crcoroski, Dimitar Gorgievski, Vladimir Gorgijoski, Petar Gorko, Zoran Ivanoski, Andon Jovanoski, Nikola Nastoski, Milan Sekuloski, Aleksandar Stepanuleski, Aleksandar Todeski, Igor Trpčeski, Dimko Vandeski

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