1. Platform Studiotrade at euro-scene Leipzig

1. Platform Studiotrade at euro-scene Leipzig

  • euro-scene Leipzig und 4fürTANZ
05.November  16:00 - 18:00
Tanzzentrale Studio 2
07.November  11:00 - 13:00
Tanzzentrale Studio 2

    In cooperation with 4fürTanz e.V., euro-scene Leipzig displays the innovative power and dynamics of Europe’s independent dance scene in short performances, pitches and presentations.


    STUDIOTRADE, an exchange and cooperation network, was founded in 2010. Its aim is to facilitate the exchange of studio space and infrastructure for choreographers, producers and dance organizations, for research work and creation abroad, and to discover new markets and contexts.


    4fürTANZ e.V. is a platform for the independent dance scene in Leipzig organized by local dance professionals.


    • Charlie Fouchier (Leipzig)
    • Clara Sjölin (Leipzig)
    • Compagnie Humaine (Nizza-Cannes, France)
    • Dansverstaed (Reykjavik, Iceland)
    • Jone San Martin (San Sebastian/Berlin) & Ildikó Tóth (Leipzig)
    • Marie Gourdain, Prizeholder of the Internationales Caroline-Neuber-Stipendiums der Stadt Leipzig 2020/21 (Prague, Czech Republic + Lyon, France)
    • Silke Z./Résistance (Cologne)
    • Vilnius city dance theatre Low Air (Vilnius, Lithuania)
    Photo Vismante Ruzgaite


    Free admission.

    Ticket Vorverkauf

    Free admission.


    Tanzzentrale Studio 2
    Erich-Zeigner-Allee 64d
    04229 Leipzig