Alles nicht wahr (It simply ain’t so)

Alles nicht wahr (It simply ain’t so)

Musicbanda Franui & Nikolaus Habjan, Wien / Innsbruck (Austria)
Music theatre based on songs by Georg Kreisler

Tuesday, 03. November 2020 // 7.30 – ca. 9.00 p.m. (Opening night)
Gewandhaus zu Leipzig / Mendelssohn-Saal

    • Music theatre

    German premiere

    The singer Lady Bug has been on a farewell tour for ten years. Every night, she supposedly sings her last concert … This is the scenic point of departure of the new evening »Alles nicht wahr« (»It simply ain’t so«) by the Musicbanda Franui from East Tyrol and Nikolaus Habjan from Vienna, based on texts and songs by Georg Kreisler (1922-2011). His sharp-tongued cultural diagnoses have the same effect as prophecies on the current state of world affairs. Famous songs such as »Tauben vergiften im Park« (»Poisoning pigeons in the park«) are included in this piece of very entertaining music theatre, as are less well-known ones, such as »Alles nicht wahr« (»It simply ain’t so«).


    The Musicbanda Franui was founded in Innsbruck in 1993; since then it has been playing in an almost unchanged line up. It is characterized by the odd sound palette that ranges from a dulcimer, harp, zither, violin, contrabass, accordion as well as all kinds of wood and brass instruments. Together with Nikolaus Habjan, the Musicbanda Franui was a first-time guest to euro-scene Leipzig with their evening »Doch bin ich nirgend, ach! zu Haus« (»But nowhere am I – alas! – at home«) in 2016.


    Nikolaus Habjan, born in Graz in 1987, is one of the most interesting and multifaceted artists of his generation in Austria. As a director, actor, puppet builder and puppeteer, he has worked at the Schauspielhaus Graz and Burgtheater Wien, among others, but also as an opera director at the Bayerische Staatsoper München, at the Theater an der Wien and the Oper Dortmund. After his guest performances at euro-scene Leipzig since 2016, he is once again present with numerous pieces this year.

    From 14 years

    Standard price € 24,00

    World première: 10.10.2020, Salzburger Kulturtage, Haus für Mozart

    Production: Musicbanda Franui & Nikolaus Habjan

    The guest performance in Leipzig will take place with the kind support of Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin.

    Conception: Nikolaus Habjan, Markus Kraler, Andreas Schett

    Texts and music: Georg Kreisler

    Musical adaption: Markus Kraler, Andreas Schett

    Song, recitation, puppet building and puppetry: Nikolaus Habjan

    Musicians: Johannes Eder, Andreas Fuetsch, Romed Hopfgartner, Markus Kraler, Angelika Rainer, Bettina Rainer, Markus Rainer, Andreas Schett, Martin Senfter, Nikolai Tunkowitsch

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    30th Festival Year