Friday 10. Nov. and Saturday 11. Nov. // 10:00 – 11:15 p.m.
Werk II

5. Sokak Tiyatrosu, Istanbul

    Szenisches Konzert

    In their black garments, they wander across the stage, driven by constant unrest, lost and strangers. They do not know where to take their identity, with their faith and their culture. Folk songs from once multilingual, multicultural Anatolia fuse together into a moving, scenic composition.

    The explosiveness of the unusual piece lies in its connection of politics and music, of statistical facts and songs of heartrending beauty. The story of human societies and a chain of exclusion, expulsion and rejection by the other, the foreign, is related condensed into the scenes. Lullabies and dirges, hymns and ritual songs all sung in several languages gain significance far beyond their own.

    From 1927 to 1965, the Turkish state determined in censuses which languages are spoken in the country. These statistics reflect the plurality of minorities who have lived and continue to live in Turkey. The compulsory relocations, which were carried out on both sides of the Bosporus for ›more uniform population‹ in accordance with the Lausanne agreement of 1927 form the historical crystallisation point of the piece: 1.5 million Greek orthodox inhabitants had to leave Turkey and were traded for 400,000 Mohammedans from Greece.

    Mustafa Avkran, born in Anatolian Gaziantep in 1963, studied at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul. He is a director and has also worked as an actor in numerous films. Together with his wife, Övül Avkran, born in Istanbul in 1971 and working as a choreographer, dancer and actor, he founded the 5. Sokak Tiyatrosu (Theatre 5th Street) in 1995. Actually the company is the most internationally successful theatre group in Turkey.

    Carte blanche – selected by Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann, artistic director of the Zürcher Theater Spektakel

    Uraufführung: 27.05.2004, Harbiye S¸ehir Theater, Istanbul

    Internetseiten der Compagnie:

    Produktion: 5. Sokak Tiyatrosu

    Koproduktion: Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts / Zürcher Theater Spektakel / Amsterdam Stadtschouwburg / Utrecht Stadsschouwburg / Rotterdamse Schouwburg

    Das Gastspiel erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch das Goethe-Institut, München.

    Konzept und Inszenierung: Mustafa Avkıran, Övül Avkıran

    Musikkonzept: I˙hsan Kılavuz, Sema

    Musikarrangements: I˙hsan Kılavuz, Kamil Erdem

    Kostüme und Bühnenbild: Ali Cem Körog˘lu

    Lichtdesign: Yüksel Aymaz

    Technische Leitung: Fikret Kemal Yig˘itcan

    Darsteller und Musiker: Mustafa Avkıran (Gesang), Övül Avkıran (Tanz), Sema (Gesang), Harun Ates¸ (Countertenor), I˙hsan Kılavuz (Gesang und Tamburin), Murat Bekin (Schlagzeug), Andreas Dormann (Klarinette), Kamil Erdem (Violoncello), Selahattin Yazıcıog˘lu (Kontrabass)

    In armenischer, arabischer, griechischer, hebräischer, kurdischer, lasischer, türkischer und zazaischer Sprache mit deutscher Übertitelung

    Im Anschluss an beide Vorstellungen findet ein Publikumsgespräch statt.
    Moderation: Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann, künstlerische Leiterin Zürcher Theater Spektakel

    Am 09. Nov., 17.00 Uhr, Festivalzentrum, hält Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann den Vortrag »Theater und Tanz in der Türkei«. Anschließend wird der Film »Crossing the bridge« von Fatih Akin gezeigt.

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