Behind the scenes at the arte film shoot

Behind the scenes at the arte film shoot

  • ARTE und Accentus Music
08.November  13:30 - 15:00
09.November  13:30 - 15:00
  • 2021
  • Film lecture

After a year of pause and standstill, the dance scene and, under new management, euro-scene Leipzig are embarking on a new era. With our longtime media partner ARTE, Accentus Music and Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig we are teaming up for the first time for a film essay about choreographers. This joint adventure is an audiovisual direct extension of this year’s festival.

The film accompanies three choreographers, who mark the BREAKING UP in works specially compiled for this film. In their performances they represent the changeable feelings that accompany the return from isolation to closeness: from fear to overcoming, from curiosity to euphoria. Carefully, they unfold a return to mutual support, trust and rapprochement with the unifying expressive power of contemporary dance.

Starting with the isolated solo dancer from Jefta van Dinther’s MOUNTAINS, and ending with the explosive finale of the group event IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW by Arno Schuitemaker. In the third choreography of Milla Koistinen’s BREATHE, the audience is included as an essential element in the scenery. We are looking for extras for November 10 who would like to be part of the film.

You can visit the shooting in Leipzig’s Kunstkraftwerk and watch live how the film is made. Please register for this. (Note: The 2G rule applies to these events).


Entrance free

The premiere of the resulting one-hour film production (ZDF / ARTE) will take place in a cinema in Leipzig before the television broadcast on ARTE.

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Curated by Pia Krämer.

A film by Andreas Morell.

Editing ZDF/ARTE, Dieter Schneider.

Producer Paul Smaczny.

A production of Accentus Music in co-production with ZDF/ARTE and in cooperation with euro-scene Leipzig. (Photo: Matthias Wießner)

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