De Kartonbewoners (The cardboard residents)

De Kartonbewoners (The cardboard residents)

De Stilte, Breda
Dance piece for children

Saturday, 12. November 2016 // 5.00 – 6.00 p.m.
Sunday, 13. November 2016 // 11.00 – 12.00 a.m.
Schauspielhaus / Diskothek

    • Dance

    German première

    At first, there is just the dark cave in a mountain. It slowly reveals its secrets: a four-member family carefully examines the hidden treasures, but soon looting takes over. Everything changes, the cave and mountain must give way. A new, more comfortable world is built. But even this doesn’t seem to suffice.

    The dance piece »De Kartonbewoners« (»The cardboard residents«) submerges audience members – both small and large – into a fascinating evolutionary story between reality and fantasy. A big cardboard box represents a home; new boxes are constantly nested in one another. One room follows the next. Concrete objects turn the fairytale spaces into an organized existence.

    De Stilte was founded by Jack Timmermans in 1994; it is the only dance company in the Netherlands that exclusively makes pieces for children and young adults. It has many hundred performances per year in its own venue in Breda as well as in other theatres and schools. Over the course of 20 years, De Stilte has been a guest in 35 countries and offers theatre pedagogical programmes in addition to presenting their pieces.

    Jack Timmermans, born in 1954 in Tilburg, was educated at the Dance Academy Brabant. Beginning in 1979, he taught for many years at the Mikojel Academy in Sittard as well as the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg from 1987. He has been the artistic director of De Stilte since 1994 and has created more than 25 pieces as a choreographer and 20 further projects.

    6 years up and adults

    14,00€ // Kinder 6 – 15 Jahre 6,00€

    Im Anschluss an beide Vorstellungen findet ein Publikumsgespräch mit den Tänzern statt.

    Uraufführung: 01.11.2015, Verkadefabriek, `s-Hertogenbosch


    Produktion: De Stilte

    Das Gastspiel in Leipzig erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch die Botschaft des Königreichs der Niederlande, Berlin, und Dutch Performing Arts (Niederländische Darstellende Künste), Den Haag.

    Choreografie: Jack Timmermans

    Musik: Timothy van der Holst

    Kostüme: Joost van Wijmen

    Bühnenbild: Bert Vogels

    Lichtdesign: Pink Steenvoorden

    Tänzer: Lobke Jeurissen, Donna Scholten, Alex Havadi-Nagy, Tim Volleman

    Archive 2016

    26th Festival Year