Die Räder im Getriebe (the wheels in motion)

Die Räder im Getriebe (the wheels in motion)

Technische Führung
For the third time: Insight into stage technology

Sunday, 11. November // 15.00 – ca. 16.00 Uhr

    Stage technology – a secret. Stage technology – invisible to most audience members. During the performances, the audience simply sees the stage design, hears the music, sees the lighting effects. The performance lasts one and a half hours, while the technical work from the unloading of the stage design until the beginning of the performance often lasts two days.

    euro-scene Leipzig was met with great interest during its first exploration of technical processes in 2010. After its repetition last year in the Peterskirche, this will become a permanent part of the programme now – this year during the load-in of the guest performance »En Atendant« by Anne Teresa De Keesmaeker with her company ROSAS, Brussels, in the Centraltheater. Bernd E. Gengelbach, who ties all of the technical threads for every guest performance in every venue, will conduct the tour in front of or behind the scenes.

    Conception and guide: Bernd E. Gengelbach, Co-Director and technical direction euro-scene Leipzig
    (free entrance)

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