Die Räder im Getriebe (the wheels in motion)

Die Räder im Getriebe (the wheels in motion)

Technical tour
For the 9th time: Insight into stage technology

Saturday, 10. November // 11.30 a.m. – ca. 12.30 p.m.
Schauspielhaus / start: entrance foyer

    • Guided tour
    • Guided tour

    Stage technology is usually a secret and invisible to the audience. One pays attention only to the stage design, music, lighting effects. A performance lasts one or even two hour(s), the technical setup from unloading the stage set to the start of the performance often takes two full days.

    In 2010, euro-scene Leipzig met with great interest with its first insight into technical processes. The tour has developed into a popular program item in eight editions so far. This year, it will take place at the Schauspielhaus. It is about the history and a look into the rooms of the house, but above all about the technical realization of the guest performance “Une histoire de la musique” (“A History of Music”) from Grenoble, which will be shown here for the first time a few hours later.

    From 12 years

    Free entrance

    Free counting tickets

    On Nov. 10 and 11, the children’s play “Une histoire de la musique” (“A History of Music”) will be shown at Schauspielhaus / Diskothek.

    Conception and guide: Bernd E. Gengelbach

    co-director and technical director euro-scene Leipzig,
    and Antje Gruber, stage manager Schauspiel Leipzig

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    28th Festival Year