Die Räder im Getriebe (the wheels in motion)

Die Räder im Getriebe (the wheels in motion)

Technical guidance

Saturday 09. Nov. // 5.00 – ca. 6.00 p.m.
From 12 years
Schauspielhaus / Start: Baustelle
free entrance

    • Guided tour

    For the 4th time: Insight into stage technology

    Stage technology – a secret. Stage technology – invisible for most of the audience. In the performances you only see the stage set, you hear music, you see lighting effects. The performance takes an hour and a half, the technical setup from unloading the stage set to the start of the performance often takes two days.

    In 2010, euro-scene Leipzig attracted a great deal of interest with its first insight into technical processes. With three editions to date, the tour has developed into a popular fixed program item. This year, the focus is both on the structure of the play »Melnais piens« (»Black Milk«) by Alvis Hermanis and Jaunais Rīgas teātris (New Theater Riga) and on technical processes in general.

    Foto: Technische Einrichtung im Schauspielhaus

    Konzeption und Führung: Bernd E. Gengelbach, Co-Direktor und Technischer Leiter euro-scene Leipzig und Thomas Kirsten, Technischer Direktor Schauspiel Leipzig

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    23rd Festival Year