Die Räder im Getriebe (the wheels in motion)

Die Räder im Getriebe (the wheels in motion)

Technical guidance

Thursday, 04. November // 17.00 – ca. 18.00 Uhr

    Look into the processes of technical stage

    Stage technology – a secret. Stage technology – invisible to most audience members. During the performances, the audience simply sees the stage design, hears the music, sees the lighting effects. The lighting alone – lighting designers are often stars, the »cues« live and die with them and without them, the ideas of the directors and choreographers would be a void. The performance lasts one and a half hours, while the technical work from the unloading of the stage design until the beginning of the performance often lasts two days.

    Every minute is scheduled for the various types of work and cultural differences and different languages must be united with each other. The tour should provide a glimpse of the technical process. Bernd E. Gengelbach, who ties all technical threads together for every guest performance in all venues, invites you to take tour of the technical work for »La menzogna« (»The lie«) by Pippo Delbono in the Peterskirche (St. Pieter’s Church).

    Bernd E. Gengelbach, co-director and technical direction euro-scene Leipzig

    Archive 2010

    20th festival