Ein Mann und eine Frau (A Man and a Woman)

Ein Mann und eine Frau (A Man and a Woman)

Audience discussion

Sunday 9. Nov. // 11:00 a.m – about 12:30 p.m.
Eintritt frei
Institut Français Leipzig

    Alain Buffard is the choreographer of the dance play »Wall dancin’ – wall fuckin’« that will have its German premiere at the Schauspielhaus on Saturday, 8 Nov., 07:30 p.m. Together with Régine Chopinot, choreographer of the ballet Atlantique in La Rochelle, he gives the only »couple constellation« of the festival on stage with this production. Both belong to the most prominent characters of modern dance in France and give their first guest performance in the new German states.

    Elisabeth Landes, born in Paris, has been director of the Institut Français in Leipzig since fall 2002. Together with Henri Maier, director of the Oper Leipzig, she belongs to France’s key public characters in our city. The euro-scene Leipzig, also in view of Lyon, Leipzig’s twin city, will make joint plans for the future with both.

    Veranstaltet von Institut Français Leipzig
    in Zusammenarbeit mit der euro-scene Leipzig

    Das Gespräch wird vollständig ins Deutsche übersetzt.

    mit: Alain Buffard und Régine Chopinot, Paris

    Moderation: Martina Bako, Leipzig

    Archive 2003

    13th Festival Year