Endspiel (Endgame)

Endspiel (Endgame)

Theater RambaZamba, Berlin
Piece by Samuel Beckett

Sunday 11. Nov. // 07:30 – 09:30 p.m.

    Becketts »Endgame« had its debut performance in London in 1957 – four years after »Waiting for Godot«. Hamm sits in a wheelchair in an unfurnished room. He cannot rise and has gone blind. Hamm tyrannises Clov, his son and attendant. Clov is crippled, too. He is unable to sit down. And there are Nagg and Nell, Hamm’s old parents, who vegetate in two dustbins. Whenever Hamm needs someone to listen to his dirges, he has the cover of the dustbins opened; as soon as he grows tired of his wrinklies, he has the cover closed again. Clov comments the hopeless situation with the words: »Ending, it’s all over, the end is not far off, the end may not be far off.«

    The seeing actor Joachim Neumann plays the blind Hamm. In contrast the blind Reinhard Riemer plays the seeing Clov. With him an acting system was developed with which he sees upon the scene. Conversely, Joachim Neumann does not see anything on stage, but plays with the gesture material of a blind. That means for both actors to adapt to the world of the other, to change bodies in each performance.

    RambaZamba has made theatre with handicapped and able-bodied for eleven years. Managed by Gisela Höhne and Klaus Erforth, adaptations of dramatic texts and collages have been created since 1991. The special feature of their productions is probably to capture existential experiences of people who experience themselves as members of a minority group and as segregated, in sensually provoking, archaic pictures and scenes full of explosive vitality and tragicomic facets. A special form of theatre grows out of the special physicalness and the imminent, existential play of the actors. One is invited to engage in what is not a standard.

    Uraufführung: 28.01.2000 in Berlin

    Internetseiten der Compagnie: www.sonnenuhr-berlin.de

    Text: Samuel Beckett
    Regie und Textfassung: Klaus Erforth, Stephan Müller
    Technik: Steffko Gruschka
    Darsteller: Joachim Neumann (Hamm),
    Reinhard Riemer (Clov)
    Ulrike Lührs (Nell)
    Michael Schnabel (Nagg)

    Archive 2001

    11th festival