With DJ Lucille du Basse, Leipzig
0.30 – 1.15 a.m. concert with the band mjuix, Leipzig

Saturday, 07. November // 11.30 p.m. – 02.30 a.m.
Eintritt frei
Schauspielhaus / Baustelle

    • Fringe Programme

    During the festival party, the band mjuix, which was founded in Leipzig in 2007, will perform a concert. The music moves between the synth heroes of the 1980s and the disco-funk-pop of the 2010s.

    Musiker: Tru D. Mjuic (Gesang, Synthesizer), Bassmann (Gesang, Bass, Ronson (Gitarre), Dan K. (Schlagzeug)

    Archive 2015

    25th Festival Year