Flying horses and other birds

Flying horses and other birds

Dyane Neiman & Manfred Olek Witt, Köln – Berlin

Monday 6 Nov. and Tuesday 7 Nov. // 10:00 – 11:00 p.m.

    Dance piece by and with Dyane Neiman and Manfred Olek Witt

    A dream of flying – depicted with biting irony and interpretative fantasy. Scenes of a marriage – witty, absurd, spirited to the point of brutality. Birds do what horses dream of. Restrained by the metronome of everyday life he sits there – a human being on top of the television – and dreams of flying. The reality is only a grotesque likeness of this dream. Thus we swing ourselves up, until the last cup shatters.

    The American Dyane Neiman lives in Cologne and the Pole Manfred Olek Witt in Berlin. Both were participants in euro-scene Leipzig’s first »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo (»Best German dance solo«) competition in 1997 and met each other here. Dyane Neiman danced the solo »Mein Auto« (»My car«), Manfred Olek Witt received the special prize of the Jury for »Axt« (»Axe«). They are well-known representatives of Germany’s independent dance scene and with »Flying horses and other birds«, have created their first joint work.

    Dyane Neiman studied Modern Dance in New York, has lived in Germany since 1992 and received support prizes from the Festival of Independent Theater »Theaterzwang« in Düsseldorf for her two productions »pistol« (1996) and »Chicken Fodder & other fine stories« (1998). Manfred Olek Witt studied Butoh with Kazuo Ohno and Yumiko Yoshioka, among others. He was a dancer and actor at, among other places, Tatoeba Theatre Dance Grotesque, Theater Affekt and Theater Kreatur in Berlin, and also works as a producer, director and choreographer.

    »With a great sense for subtle wit and black satire they expose the grotesque view that horses can fly. While the rocking horse is still capable of high flights, grown horses don’t manage any more to fulfil such childlike dreams. There the rider is already burden enough« (Susanne Haase-Mühlbauer, Generalanzeiger, Bonn, 06.04.2000).

    Uraufführung: 02.04.2000, Bonn

    Produktion: Dyane Neiman Dance, Köln / Theater am Ende, Berlin

    Dieses Gastspiel wird ermöglicht durch das Nationale Performance Netz (NPN), aus Mitteln des Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Angelegenheiten der Kultur und der Medien sowie den Kultusministerien der Länder Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz und Thüringen.

    Choreografie: Dyane Neiman, Manfred OIek Witt

    Musik: Maggy Payne, Antonio De Cabezón, Jim Reeves, Erkki Salmenhaara, Pancrace Royer, Jörg-Peter Mittmann (Ensemble Horizonte)

    Lichtdesign: Dyane Neiman

    Tänzer: Dyane Neiman, Manfred Olek Witt

    Archive 2000

    10th Festival Year