Glücksbagatellen (Cameos of happiness)

Glücksbagatellen (Cameos of happiness)

Compagnie Gabriella Bußacker, Hamburg
Theatre »from south to north«

Saturday 4 Nov. and Sunday 5 Nov. // 10:00 – 11:30 p.m.
Neue Szene

    Does this odd episode take place in an American bar or in an Arabian smoking room? Two women and two men somehow ended up in Finland but nevertheless the mood switches back and forth between the realms. They try to chase their luck, the absent, lost, denied, imagined luck. Dark streets at night, alcohol’s melancholy, the tender aura of intimacy, a glimpse through rose-tinted glasses and the planned mutual suicide – a balancing act at the border of reality and fiction.

    Particularly in the field of the elocutionary theatre it is within the enfranchised German theatre scene not very easy to make discoveries of true quality. The producer Gabriella Bußacker, often also labelled as performer, belongs to the »rare discoveries of the new theatre generation. They would, should only the conventional municipal theatre exist, be eccentrics at the fringes of conventional alternative festivals, and not the stage artists that they now truly are« (Arnd Wesemann, Wochenpost, Berlin, 27.04.1995).

    Gabriela Bußacker was born in 1955 in Hamburg and performed above all at Kampnagel in Hamburg and at TAT (Theater am Turm – Theatre at the Tower) in Frankfurt; two of the most important venues of theatre production and presentation of contemporary theatre in Germany. She prefers the »work-in-progress« work method, the continuous absorption from changes in scope and text. Gabriella Bußacker also creates stage sets and is active as a painter and fine artist.

    »Glücksbagatellen« (»Cameos of happiness«) was created in several phases and, in its present version, had its first showing in Hamburg at the beginning of this year. From the, »South« titled, first part of the evening emerged structural and spatial changes that also involve the audience. It then moves on the second part’s »North«, a thrilling mosaic of suggestions, stories, alienation, rituals, burlesques and pastorals.

    Die Musik wird eingespielt.

    Produktion: Gabriella Bußacker in Zusammenarbeit mit Kampnagel Hamburg, gefördert von der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg

    Konzept und Inszenierung: Gabriella Bußacker

    Assistenz: Katharina John

    Text: Bearbeitungen nach Vorlagen von Aki Kaurismäki, Michel Leiris, Gertrude Stein, Charles Willeford, Gabriella Bußacker

    Musik: Terry Riley & Shanghai Orchestra, Hanibal Troilo, »Saffak Alik« aus dem
    Film »Der Mann der Friseuse«, Eric B. und Rakim, Kurt Hoffman’s Band of Weeds, Thorsten Wilrodt (Trompetensolo)

    Bühnenbild und Kostüme: Gabriella Bußacker

    Darsteller: Edith Adam, Petra Bogdahn, Matthias Breitenbach, Frank Meyer-Brockmann

    Archive 1995

    5th Festival Year