Tanztheater des Schauspiel Leipzig

Saturday 16 Nov. // 07:00 p.m.
Neue Szene

    Dance drama inspired by Woody Allen

    This new parody of the romantic ballet »Swan Lake« draws its inspiration from Woody Allen’s »Guide to some of the less important ballets«. In this spirit Tschaikovski’s music collides with the characters from the classical production, which have taken on modern day experiences. The piece represents a charming and simultaneously ironic tribute to »Swan Lake« and reduces it to tragicomic chaos, helped along by a not inconsiderable wealth of dance talent.

    The Dance Theatre in the Schauspiel Leipzig was founded in 1990, and aroused immediate interest nationwide with its first premiere, »Happy SCHWANENSEE Day«. Irina Pauls, the Dance Theatre’s young director, was acknowledged as an outstanding talent in the local ballet scene, even before the collapse of the GDR because of her unusual and original productions.

    »Altogether a convincing step forward in new dance dimensions« (Frankfurter Rundschau, 20.10.1990).

    »What a wonderful ›Swan Lake‹!« (Stuttgarter Zeitung, 25.10.1990)

    Contribution selected by Schauspiel Leipzig

    Musik: Peter Tschaikowski

    Libretto, Choreografie und Inszenierung: Irina Pauls

    Bühnenbild und Kostüme: Erwin Bode

    Tänzer: Werner Stiefel (Sigmund), Riccarda Herre (Yvette, Partygast), Angelika Wenzel (Justine, Partygast), Christina Brückner (Traumschwan, Partygast), Yves Basts de Araujo (Wolfschmidt)

    Darsteller: Matthias Hummitzsch (von Epps), Jörg Lichtenstein (Dirigent)

    Die Musik wird eingespielt.

    Archive 1991

    1st Festival Year