Herzstücke Europas (Cores of Europe)

Herzstücke Europas (Cores of Europe)

Andrea Waldecker, Bonn

Tuesday 9 Nov – Sunday 14. Nov. // before and after the performances
Eintritt frei
Schauspielhaus / Zwischenfoyer

    Photo exhibition

    On a journey through the eight »eastern« acceding countries, photographer Andrea Waldecker asked many people questions about Europe. The responses and reactions were very diverse: critical, sceptical, indifferent, but most of all open-minded. However, there was one common feature, the people of everywhere believed their own country to be the cultural, geographical or transportation centre of Europe. Andrea Waldecker is born in Flensburg in 1981 and lives in Bonn. She studies Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford, at the same time she turns to photography.

    Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Europäischen Union, Brüssel

    Archive 2004

    14th festival