Hey girl!

Hey girl!

Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Cesena

Thursday 08.11.2007 // 07:30 – 08:45 p.m.
Friday 09.11.2007 // 07:30 – 08:45 p.m.

    German premier

    An indeterminate mass lies on the table. Suddenly it moves and releases a living being – a woman is born out of the wet and mist of the matter. The opulence and the force of the images is overwhelming. It is about femininity in the past and in the present. The incredible, enduring story of a young woman reveals various stages of her life.

    With »Hey girl!« the Socìetas Raffello Sanzio stages a fantastical and even nightmarish performance, directed by Romeo Castellucci. In sound and installation spaces that are never entirely decipherable, the myth of heroines such as Jeanne d’Arc is quoted time and again, with an impressive presence and removed from rational dimensions.

    Romeo Castellucci, who was born in Cesena in 1960, studied stage design and painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna. He first directed at the age of twenty and founded the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio in 1981. The company is one of the important and most radical theatre groups of the European contemporary theatres. It has made previous guest performances at the euro-scene Leipzig three times: with »Giulio Cesare« (»Julius Caesar«) in 1997, »Voyage au bout de la nuit« (»Voyage to the end of the night«) in 2000, and »Buchettino« (»Tom Thumb«) in 2005.

    »Castellucci has created a metaphysically charged universe, which wants to impress the audience with the diversity of its association and overwhelm by its mystical force« (Dirk Pilz, Theater der Zeit, Berlin, November 2006).

    Uraufführung: 30.09 2006, steirischer herbst, Graz (Vorpremiere), 16.11.2006 Odéon – Théâtre de l’Europe / Ateliers Berthier, Paris

    Internetseiten der Compagnie: www.raffaellosanzio.org

    Produktion: Odéon Théâtre de l’Europe mit Festival d’Automne, Paris / steirischer herbst, Graz / Le Maillon Théâtre, Strasbourg / De Singel, Antwerpen / Rotterdamse Schouwburg / Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana / Trafò House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest / Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio

    Das Gastspiel erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch das Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Berlin.

    Inszenierung: Romeo Castellucci

    Musik: Scott Gibbons

    Skulpturen: Istvan Zimmermann

    Lichttechnik: Giacomo Gorini

    Bühnentechnik: Federico Lepri

    Darsteller: Vilius Vilutis

    Darsteller: Silvia Costa, Sonia Beltran Napoles
    und ca. 40 Statisten aus Leipzig

    Mit italienischen Textpassagen und deutscher Übertitelung

    Followed by: Audience discussion (08. Nov.)
    Presentation: Dr. Martina Bako, Leipzig

    Am 09. Nov., 11.00-ca. 19.00 Uhr, wird der Filmzyklus »Tragedia Endogonidia« von Romeo Castellucci gezeigt. Es handelt sich um insgesamt elf Theaterproduktionen, die bei dieser einmaligen Gelegenheit in der Filmfassung an einem einzigen Tag zu sehen sind.

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