HipHop – The second identity

HipHop – The second identity

Workshop E-Motion, Düsseldorf

Thur. 06 Nov. + Fri. 07 Nov.
Evangelisches Schulzentrum / Aula
02.30 – 04.00 p.m. (For beginners – part I + II)
05.00 – 06.30 p.m. (For advanced dancers – part I + II)

    Takao Baba, a member of the E-Motion company, offers the opportunity to become better acquainted with hip-hop. Using movement material choreographed for the hip-hop performance »2nd ID« (The second identity), the dancer develops new movement sequences with the workshop participants in the different hip-hop styles such as lockin’, poppin’, new style and house. This varies depending on the respective abilities of the participants.

    There are two workshops on offer: one for people who have had no previous contact with hip-hop and another for participants who want to increase their existing ability.

    »For me, hip-hop is real attitude to life: the multi-culturality, the tolerance, the battle mentality,« says Takao Baba (Push Magazin, Hamburg, 19.02.2007). He was born in Japan and has lived in Düsseldorf for many years. Together with the other members of E-Motion, he is one of the best hip-hop dancers in Germany.

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    Am 08. und 09. Nov. gastiert die Compagnie E-Motion mit dem HipHop-Tanzstück »2nd ID« im BMW Werk Leipzig.

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