International Theatre Work

International Theatre Work

Annual conference and public events of the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), Berlin

Friday 7. Nov. // 02:00 – 05:30 p.m.
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    Part I: Lecture
    02:00 p.m.
    \ »UNESCO versus kulturelle Globalisierung?«
    (»UNESCO versus cultural globalisation?«)
    Christine M. Merkel, German UNESCO Commission, Bonn

    Part II: Discussion and Workgroups
    03:00 p.m. (Round one)
    \ »Die UNESCO-Konvention zur Kulturellen Vielfalt«
    (»UNESCO convention about cultural diversity«)
    Presentation: Dieter Welke, Oberursel/Taunus
    \ »My unknown enemy«
    A project of the Cultural Identity and Development Committee
    Theatre as an instrument of dialogue between cultures
    Direction: Alexander Stillmark, director, Berlin

    16.00 Uhr (Round two)
    \ »Recherche im Theater – Theater als Recherche«
    (»Investigation in theatre – theatre as in investigation«)
    Direction: Christine Schmalor, theatre instructor, Berlin
    \ »Internationale Plattform Gegenwartstheater«
    (»International platform of contemporary theatre«)
    A project of the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), Berlin
    About the dialogue of authors, translators and directors
    Direction: Thomas Engel, director of the German Centre of the ITI, Berlin, and Andrea Zagorski, Berlin

    Part III: Concluding dialogue
    05:00 – about 05:30 p.m.
    Working party reports and prospects for the work of the International Theatre Institute (ITI)
    Presentation: Thomas Engel, director of the German Centre of the ITI, Berlin

    The German Centre of the ITI will host its annual conference in Leipzig on this day, at the invitation of euro-scene Leipzig. After the private conference in the morning, the working parties will present and discuss the focal points in their international work.

    We wish to persuade a personality from the international cultural scene to give an introductory lecture, with a view to introducing aspects in the debate that go beyond the specific framework of the guest performances at the Festival. The abstract, culturally deficient processes of globalisation that are taking place throughout the world not only influence trade and industry and politics, they also affect the cultural scene. What role do performance artists play in these processes? What are the responsibilities of European cultural policies? How will they affect the German theatre scene? At the copy deadline, none of the speakers approached had given a firm commitment; this information will be made available as soon as possible.

    The ITI is an international theatre network that was created more than 55 years ago under the auspices of UNESCO to promote cultural exchanges between theatre professionals worldwide. It currently has national centres in over 90 countries. The General Secretariat is based in Paris.

    The German ITI aims to increase mutual understanding of the theatre arts worldwide through cooperation with other national centres, the exchange of knowledge and practice, international meetings of theatre professionals and the organisation of festivals – with »Theater der Welt« (»Theatre of the world«) in Germany and »Theater der Nationen« (»Theatre of the nations«) at changing performance venues all over the world.

    Veranstaltet durch das Internationale Theaterinstitut (ITI), Berlin
    in Zusammenarbeit mit der euro-scene Leipzig

    Archive 2003

    13th Festival Year