Israel Galván – Ein andalusischer Tänzer (Israel Galván – An Andalusian dancer)

Israel Galván – Ein andalusischer Tänzer (Israel Galván – An Andalusian dancer)

Documentary by Maria Reggiani, Paris

Friday, 11. November // 17.00 – ca. 18.15 Uhr
Passage Kinos

    Flamenco, the feisty Andalusian dance, is one of the signature features of Southern Spain. Flamenco, however, is not only a tourist attraction; it is simultaneously a living tradition which continuously further develops and mixes with new genres. One of its most creative interpreters is Israel Galván. ARTE has tagged along with the flamenco dancer during the creation of his work.

    This film, the first about the world-renowned dancer, shows Israel Galván, born in 1973 in Seville, at home. Galván speaks about the cultural vocabulary of flamenco and about his life and work, also in dialogue with his musicians and other collaborators. These include his friend Pedro G. Romero, one of the most significant figures in the contemporary Spanish art scene. Excerpts from Galván’s choreographies round out the documentary.

    Introduction: Thomas Hahn, journalist, Paris

    Regie: Maria Reggiani / Kamera: Ned Burgess
    ARTE France / Erstausstrahlung: 19.07.2009 / Dauer: 53 Minuten

    In Spanish with German subtitles and voice-over

    Archive 2011

    21st festival