Tanztheater des Schauspiel Leipzig

Friday 20 Nov. // 05:00 p.m.
Neue Szene

    Intoxicated by the romance of a mid-summer night, Julie, the count’s daughter seduces the servant Jean. As her excitement gives way to reality, Julie’s passion turns to hate. The planned escape with Jean fails and leads to a tragic end.

    Irina Pauls sets the tension range of aloofness and sensuality, of desire and displaced emotions in the foreground of her adaptation. The personification of the characters depends greatly on the individuality of the dancers. Several famous choreographers chose August Strindberg’s (first shown 1889 in Copenhagen) drama as a model for their own creations. Birgit Cullberg and Kenneth MacMillan provide handy examples. Irina Pauls worked out her own solution in which the fate of Julie and Jean receives a generalisation since the class barrier’s cross-over problems now have a completely different significance. The premiere of this dance creation is planned for mid-November.

    Only two theatre groups in Germany can boast of having their own dance theatre; namely that of Reinhild Hoffmann in Bochum and the Schauspiel Leipzig’s dance theatre. The latter’s directrice and choreographer is Irina Pauls who studied choreography at Leipzig’s theatre academy. Afterwards she raised considerable national attention with first performances in the Altenburger theatre.

    »Happy Schwanensee Day« was Leipzig’s dance company premiere. It was also a tremendous success. Set to Tschaikovski’s music after a text by Woody Allen, it was played by the euro-scene Leipzig during last year’s festivities. Since that event three other evenings followed; »McMozart’s« as a contribution to the 1991 Mozart year; »Bodenlose Aussichten«, a play consisting of four different episodes; and »Mein Ort hat kein Bleiben, mein Bleiben keinen Ort«, the for now last production concerning itself with travel. All productions are in the program of the Neue Szene.

    Inszenierung, Choreografie und Ausstattung: Irina Pauls

    Musik: Johann Sebastian Bach – Wohltemperiertes Klavier, I. und II. Teil

    Bearbeitung: Marcus Ludwig

    Tänzer: Riccarda Herre (Julie), Angelika Wenzel (Christine), Achim Striberny (Jean), Werner Stiefel (Verlobter) und Anne Bergel, Christina Brückner, Steffi Pfefferkorn, Hephziba Tintner, Ives Bastos de Araujo

    Klavier: Marcus Ludwig

    Archive 1992

    2nd Festival Year