Katagraphie (Catagraphy)

Katagraphie (Catagraphy)

Workshop Jo Fabian, Berlin
Space between language, dance and music

Thursday, 05 November + Friday, 06 November 2009 // 11.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.
Die Villa – Soziokulturelles Zentrum

    Author, director and choreographer Jo Fabian will devote his attention to the practical realisation of the term catagraphy – the transformation of content (text) into movement (dance). There are many types of catagraphy. Scenery transformation and all kinds of metamorphoses into another form of sensual perception can be described as catagraphic theatre. The term »cata« originates from the Asian region and means the process of practice. The extension to include the term »graphy« describes the visualisation of the figures in the space.

    In terms of method, the workshop starts with a text, which is transformed by the incorporation of scenery and actions. This produces movement material, which now has a subtext. New contexts are created by omitting language or superimposing language onto music to form a type of dance. In the course of the workshop, a catagraphy is developed and reviewed in various scenery contexts.

    Participation fee (limited number of participants)

    Am 07. und 08. Nov. ist »Polka Dot. ein stilleben« von Jo Fabian zu sehen.

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