Krzysztof Warlikowski and the Polish theatre

Krzysztof Warlikowski and the Polish theatre

Audience discussion with Krzysztof Warlikowski

Friday 12. Nov. // 11:30 a.m – about 01:00 p.m.
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Polnisches Institut / Specks Hof

    Audience discussion

    Krzysztof Warlikowski, acclaimed director of the play »Cleansed« by Sarah Kane, will speak on the production of this piece and his other works. Poland has a rich theatrical tradition, but how does its modern theatre look today? Tilmann Broszat is the director of the SPIELART festival in Munich, which included a focus on Poland in autumn 2003. He will introduce some independent groups in more detail.

    In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Polnischen Institut, Leipzig

    Am 12. und 13. Nov. ist »Gesäubert« mit dem Teatr Wspólczesny, Wrocław, zu sehen.

    Moderation: Martina Bako, Universität Leipzig

    Gesprächspartner: Tilmann Broszat, Leiter Festival SPIELART, München

    Begrüßung: Dr. Kazimierz Wóycicki, Direktor Polnisches Institut, Leipzig

    Archive 2004

    14th Festival Year