Las Rocosas

Las Rocosas

Las Rocosas, Barcelona

Wednesday 18 Nov. and Saturday 21 Nov. // 10:00 p.m.
Ernst-Beyer-Haus (Poetisches Theater)

    German premier

    In a sparse room, merely a few inches over the floor, a man and a woman try to find their balance. The couple looks back at a common past and wrestles over mutual recognition. Their relationship consists of chattel claim, refusal and the use of brute force. However, thrice, dreams and tenderness interrupt the on-going action and create the possibility of a lighter, more harmonic state of their partnership.

    The Spanish dance; it isn’t just flamenco or Carmen’s habanera. The country possesses a very wide spectrum of the modern jazz theatre and its wealth compares somewhat with France and Switzerland. Above anywhere else, Catalonia and its capital Barcelona own a multitude of dance groups amongst which »Lanònima Imperial«, »Gelabert & Azzopardi«, »Mudances« and »Danat dansa« are the best known of the larger troupes.

    However several duos are also very much part of the Spanish dance scene. Pilar Maese and Víctor Turull met in 1989 and together they started the small group »Las Rocosas«. Both artists were born in Barcelona. Pilar Maese studied classical dance before she switched to modern techniques and then danced in several companies, such as »Mudances«. Víctor Turull is modern dance trained, worked as actor and producer, and acted several times in movies and on TV. »Las Rocosas« is the first co-production of Maese and Turull and it was seen extensively at home and abroad. The couple is presently in the process of including its research of African culture in its new production »Coloban, Coloban«.

    »›Las Rocosas‹ is an interesting and well-harmonized duo and its gestural expressions have a powerful energy … The power of falling and the rough emotions radiating from the dance spring from the lively aesthetic our brutal times … ›Las Rocosas‹ is an intimate journey of emotions (El Pais, Madrid, 18.06.1990).

    Choreografie und Tanz: Pilar Maese, Victor Turull

    Inszenierung: Victor Turull

    Musik: Javier Navarrete, Brian Eno

    Licht: Germinal Ruiz

    Archive 1992

    2nd Festival