Maria Dolores (Wayn Wash I)

Maria Dolores (Wayn Wash I)

Wayn Traub, Antwerpen
Ein Theater/Film/Musik-Projekt

Friday 7. Nov. and Saturday 8. Nov. // 10:00 – 11:45 p.m.
Schaubühne Lindenfels

    German premier

    Marie and a nun who calls herself Dolores are in a dialogue. In the film, Marie is in a hospital, and the Virgin Mary appears to her. On the stage, she is living in her dreams and becomes pregnant. There is something of the archangel about Dolores and she kills the unborn life. A film is being made – within a film, and its director Geert also opens the show at the beginning.

    The love for the Virgin Mary as a consequence of sexual frustration – a fascinating examination of the young Flemish artist Wayn Traub who, although not religious himself, is fascinated by the events of the Bible. How does our modern world view religious delusion and the Immaculate Conception? Mary and the Holy Ghost take each other’s hand in harmony as original elements of the Christian faith and as endearing comic figures.

    In »Maria Dolores«, genre barriers are completely lifted. Stage play and film merge together through the highly expressive music, nearly into an opera. Wayn Traub (originally named Geert Bové) was born in Brussels in 1972, and his grandfather was the pastry cook of the Belgian King. He studied art and theatre history in Gent and Paris and is now one of the most individual personalities in the Flemish theatre and film scene.

    In flämischer und französischer Sprache mit deutscher Übertitelung

    Uraufführung: 05.09.2002, Genf

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    Produktion: Wayn Traub

    Koproduktion: Centre des Arts scéniques/Charleroi, Schouwburg Rotterdam, STUK/Leuven, Victoria/ Gent, Kunstencentrum Vooruit/Gent, La Bâtie-Festival de Genève

    Das Gastspiel in Leipzig erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Brüssel.

    Konzept und Inszenierung: Wayn Traub

    Musik: Wim De Wilde


    Bühnenbild: Wayn Traub

    Kostüme: Ulrike Gutbrod

    Lichtdesign: Jo Leys

    Darstellerinnen: Marie Lecomte (Marie), Simonne Moesen (Dolores)


    Text: Jean-Benoit Ugeux

    Regie und Kamera: Wayn Traub

    Kostüme: Sky Vanderhoek

    Darsteller: Marie Lecomte, Dolores Bouckaert, Wayn Traub, Jean-Benoit Ugeux, Eno Krojanker, Jean Segani, Didier de Neck, Eric Kempeneers, Rodolphe Coster, Renaud Cagna, Jean De Befve, Hilde Wils, Dominique Pattuelli, Lou Demeyere, Chokri Benchi Kha, Zouzou Benchi Kha, Walid Benchi Kha, Kurt Verleure, Pol Pauwels, Michel Mentens

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    13th Festival Year