Noah Trilogy

Noah Trilogy

Artus Group, Budapest
Multimediales Theater-Ereignis in drei Teilen

Saturday 3. Nov. // 06:00 – 09:30 p.m. (euro-scene prologue)
Sunday 4. Nov. // 07:30 – 11.00 p.m. (euro-scene prologue)
Werk II

    Debut performance

    Artus has been working for several years at this theatre trilogy on the transformation of humans since the times of paradise lost. This evening is not just a piece. It’s a spectacle that should be enjoyed with all of the senses. The visitors are not only supposed to look, they are supposed to wander through this evening, eat, drink and share a special event with one another.

    At the beginning, we will find the classical theatre situation. The audience is here, and the stage is there. Strangely baroque costumes, a musical quartet and video projections. The audience is also on the stage, their portraits and their voices, recorded before beginning. And a painter who determines the sequence of the scenes. Everything revolves around the symbolism of starting up and resisting the traditional, setting out on a journey. Grotesque dance intermixes with philosophical sentences, the revolt against God seems to be his absurd expulsion from paradise. Men on stilts and paradox constructions transform the stage and the transformation begins. It also begins for the audience, that enters an absolutely dark room in the second part. One room of symbols, of the magic: the gatekeeper, the man with the monitor head and the fairy tale on light. Each and every one has the responsibility to lend this happening light and inspiration with a tiny lamp.

    The third part of the evening is even more open. A mime arrangement among the strolling audience constantly changing the perspective. »They say that a long time ago there were nine bridges that people could enter into the land of truthfulness on. But people live and die, they talk an awful lot, but they can’t say what they think. The lie a lot, mostly to themselves … Now, eight bridges have already been destroyed, don’t say a word anymore. People are not measured by their words, but their deeds.« (Artus material)

    The group of artists Artus, as an association of fine and performing artists, has been producing since 1991. A large factory grounds in Budapest has been their home since 1997, the Artus Studio. Artus has been working from the beginning in co-operation with international artists (for instance, from Austria, Israel, Switzerland or New Zealand). It has been at a number of international festivals. The individual portions of the »noah trilogy« was made in 1996-99 and will be shown as a gesamtwerk for the first time outside of Hungary at euro-scene Leipzig.

    In ungarischer Sprache mit Untertiteln und ausführlichen Textbeigaben

    Uraufführung: Frühjahr 1999 in Budapest

    Internetseiten der Compagnie:

    Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch die National Culture Foundation (NKA) of Hungary

    Inszenierung: Nikolaus Habjan

    Puppenbau: Nikolaus Habjan, Marianne Meinl

    Musik: Kyrre Kvam

    Bühnenbild: Jakob Brossmann

    Kostüme: Cedric Mpaka

    Video: Johannes Hammel

    Lichtdesign: Günter Zaworka

    Darsteller*innen und Puppenspiel: Hanna Binder, Sabrina Ceesay, Bettina Kerl, Linshalm, Tim Breyvogel, Tilman Rose

    Einführung vor der Vorstellung: Nikolaus Habjan, Wien,
    und Marie Rötzer, Intendantin Landestheater Niederösterreich, St. Pölten

    Archive 2001

    11th Festival Year