Not my piece, Postcapitalism for beginners

Not my piece, Postcapitalism for beginners

Martin Schick, Bern (Switzerland)

Friday, 07. November 2014 // 22.00-23.00 Uhr
Saturday, 08. November 2014 // 17.00-18.00 Uhr

    Transit – between the farm and the world system … The end of the capitalist economic system is a daily topic in the media. People whisper that the system could collapse overnight. But what would happen if nothing worked anymore? Martin Schick has thought ahead and bought a piece of land. Here, he and his housemate try to get along self-sustainably. And so he runs on his home trainer to generate electricity and collects rain water in order to sell it.

    In »Not my piece«, capitalism is satirised with all of its consumption and adoration of money. This takes place lovingly and comically, but the ghosts of society are creeping about behind the semblance of socio-political science fiction. The mixture between this closeness to reality, irony and apparent naivety with the incorporation of the audience makes it a beloved exception within the Swiss theatre community.

    Martin Schick, born in Fribourg / Switzerland in 1978, is a freelance performer and choreographer. After receiving his dance training, he studied theatre at Bern University of the Arts. He has created his own pieces in public space since 2007. His work is located at the interface between theatre, dance and improvisation, performance, social event and cultural-political discussion. Currently resident in Berlin, his most recent productions are »Halfbreadtechnique« (2013) and »Holiday on stage« (2014).

    Ab 14 Jahre

    22,00 € (erm. 17,00 €)

    Staging and choreography: Martin Schick
    (In German and English with German subtitles)

    Following the performances: audience discussion
    Presentation: Dr. Martha Bako, theatre scholar, Universität Leipzig

    Uraufführung: 03.07.2012, Festival Belluard Bollwerk International, Fribourg

    Produktion: Martin Schick / Belluard Bollwerk International
    Koproduktion: Far° Festival des Arts Vivants, Nyon / Beursschouwburg, Brüssel

    Das Gastspiel in Leipzig erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Zürich.

    Konzeption, Text und Inszenierung: Martin Schick in Zusammenarbeit mit Kiriakos Hadjiioannou

    Darsteller: Dušan Murić, Martin Schick

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