Oberon, König der Elfen (Oberon, or the elf king’s oath)

Oberon, König der Elfen (Oberon, or the elf king’s oath)

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Opera by Carl Maria von Weber

Friday, 09. November // 4.00 – ca. 6.45 p.m. (one break)
Passage Kinos

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    Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826) is best known for his opera “Der Freischütz” (1821). “Oberon” was premiered in London in 1826. Austrian director Nikolaus Habjan used puppetry as a poetic-romantic element in his Munich directorial debut. He created a melange of virtuoso fairy-tale magic and modern exploratory spirit.

    The opera “Oberon, King of the Fairies” presents a story that is as entertaining as it is highly dramatic: the fairy king Oberon and his queen Titania argue about whether the man or the woman is more unstable. Puck finds a human couple for this trial in Hüon and Rezia.

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    Premiere: 21.07.2017, Munich Opera Festival, Prinzregententheater
    Television direction: Andy Sommer // In German language
    ARTE / ZDF / Bel Air Media / Bavarian State Opera 2017 // Duration: 178 minutes.

    Film introduction and talk: Nikolaus Habjan, Vienna, and Ann-Elisabeth Wolff, euro-scene Leipzig.

    Libretto: James Robinson Planché

    German translation: Theodor Hell

    Musical direction: Ivor Bolton / Bavarian State Orchestra

    Production and puppets: Nikolaus Habjan

    Cast: Julian Prégardien (Oberon), Alyona Abramowa (Titania / Puck), Annette Dasch (Rezia), Brenden Gunnell (Hueon of Bordeaux), Rachel Wilson (Fatime), Johannes Kammler (Sherasmin) and others.

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    28th Festival Year