Private life

Private life

Terra mobile, St. Petersburg

Thursday 14 Nov. and Friday 15 Nov. // 08:00 p.m.

    An everyday story against a backdrop of classical quotations

    Emerging sexual desire, that most common and yet most personal drive is that which motivates the group of young people, sets them at each other’s throats, makes them rebel and urges them into insoluble entanglements. No educational or politically motivated pressure can stop it.

    Terra mobile fascinates and provokes in an amazing mixture of dance and movement, punctuated by dramatic inserts. Seemingly equally at home in all areas of expression, the well-trained, highly professional actor-dancers give a performance impressive in its extremity and unrestraint. Sensitive yet drastic, the wealth of dramatic imaginativeness helps depict even the most intimate feelings.

    Eight years of intensive psycho-physical training under director and teacher Vadim Mekheenko have welded the group together as a sensitive organism and have made a name for them beyond the borders of Russia.

    German premier

    Inszenierung: Vadim Mekheenko

    Darsteller: L. Naumova, N. Kurushin, S. Varkki,
    J. Malkin, I. Naumov, N. Mikheenko

    Archive 1991

    1st Festival Year