ReLOVEution now!

ReLOVEution now!

  • Gesprächsrunde mit Joulia Strauss
06.November  14:30 - 16:00
Institut für Theaterwissenschaft
07.November  14:30 - 16:00
Institut für Theaterwissenschaft

    Roundtable with Joulia Strauss in cooperation with Weiterdenken – Heinrich Böll-Stiftung Saxony.

    Education as art is the key to moving away from speculative growth and towards an alternative form of social development. Joulia Strauss established the Avtonomi Akadimia in 2012 with this intention. On the very spot in Athens where Plato taught, almost 2500 years ago. In the talk ReLOVEution NOW! she gives an insight into her work and how it combines art, technology, politics and activism.

    6th NOVEMBER  With, among others, Harald Welzer, German sociologist and publicist, who is known from numerous lectures and publications on topics such as climate, environment and transformation.

    7th NOVEMBER  With, among others, Andreas Weber, biologist, philosopher, writer. In his book INDIGENIALITÄT Weber writes: “If we want to make the world a place worth living in again, we should discover the indigenous in ourselves.”

    Joulia Strauss is a sculptor and media and performance artist. She comes from the Mari people, one of the last indigenous cultures in Europe with a shamanistic tradition, who have their home in the Volga region in the far East of Europe. She was born in Leningrad and now lives between Athens and Berlin.


    Free admission.

    Photo Mirella Frangella


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