Centre chorégraphique national d'Orléans / Josef Nadj

Wednesday, 09. November 2011 // 19.30-20.30 Uhr
Thursday, 10. November 2011 // 19.30-20.30 Uhr
Theater der Jungen Welt

    German première

    »Sound disturbance« – The samurai and his servant embark on a trip through time back to the age of Zen Buddhism. They wear traditional masks. Later, however, they change to the contemporary era with plain, dark costumes. Two musicians form a kind of frame for the dancers which plumb the secrets of time and the existence of the being. The quarter jointly explores the mystery of change and the present moment. Poetic, intense and tender moments alternate with abrupt forms and intimate, meditative mood full of tenderness.

    With »Sho-bo-gen-zo«, Josef Nadj is drawing a direct line to »Shôbôgenzô« (»Treasury of the true dharma eye«), the primary work of the Japanese Zen master Dôgen, who lived in the 13th century.

    Josef Nadj is one of the most renowned choreographers in France. He was born in 1957 in Kanjiža – a village in the Hungarian-speaking region of Vojvodina in the former Yugoslavia, which is now Serbia. He has directed the Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans since 1995 and has taken the company to perform around the world. He presented »Comedia tempio« (»Temple comedy«) at euro-scene Leipzig in 1992 and »Entracte« (»Interval«), »Woyzeck – ou L’ébauche du vertige« (»Woyzeck – or the hint of vertigo«) and »Journal d’un inconnu« (»Diary of an unknown«) in 2008.

    »With the small-format piece ›Sho-bo-gen-zo‹, Josef Nadj … is again assigning dance to an existential mission: between putting it to the test and sensual pleasure, one gives a purpose to one’s life by sublimating it. Every day has a few minutes of being purely in the moment« (Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde, Paris, 23.01.2010).

    Im Anschluss an beide Vorstellungen findet ein Publikumsgespräch statt.
    Moderation: Thomas Hahn, Journalist, Paris

    Josef Nadj wählte als Carte blanche die Performance »E.I.O.« von Dragana Bulut, Belgrad, Maria Baroncea & Eduard Gabia, Bukarest. Im Anschluss an beide Vorstellungen am 11. und 12. Nov. nimmt Josef Nadj am Publikumsgespräch teil.

    Er ist außerdem Mitglied der Jury »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« am 11., 12. und 13. Nov.

    Uraufführung: 11.09.2008, Kanjiza
    Produktion: Regional Creative Atelier Josef Nadj, Kanjiza
    Koproduktion: Jugokoncert, Belgrad / Pecs 2010 ECC (European Capitale of Culture) / Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans / Théâtre de la Bastille, Paris
    Das Gastspiel in Leipzig erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch Institut français d’Allemagne, Berlin und Leipzig.

    Choreografie und Raumgestaltung: Josef Nadj

    Komposition: Joëlle Léandre, Akosh Szelevényi

    Kostüme: Aleksandra Pesic, Françoise Yapo

    Masken: Jacqueline Bosson

    Lichtdesign: Rémi Nicolas

    Tänzer: Rosana Hribar, Kaja Janjić, Katja Legin, Ana Mrak, Mateja Rebolj

    Musiker: Joëlle Léandre (Kontrabass), Akosh Szelevényi (Polyinstrumente)

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