Sideways rain

Sideways rain

Alias, Genf

Sunday, 13. November 2011, 19.30-20.30 Uhr (Final night)

    »Sound disturbance« – The course of humanity, life and the universe in an individual movement. Unceasing, uninterrupted, unending. 13 dancers cross the stage, always moving from left to right. In the beginning, they crawl like protozoa, slowly lift themselves, roll, dance, walk and run in the cycle of things, in the desire for progress, in the flow of energy of the world. And then suddenly – the disturbance, a miniscule moment of stillness, the hint of turning back, a man and a woman look at each other, unexpectedly, before the maelstrom of life and the capriciousness of fate washes away and restores everything once again.

    Electronic, atmospheric music rises and falls, the rhythm increases. A current which pulls everything with it into the unfathomable games of life, just like the physical phenomenon of »Sideways rain« in nature.

    Guilherme Botelho, born in 1962 in São Paulo, Brazil, began his dance training at 16 and was hired by the Ballet at the Grand Théâtre in Geneva in 1982. He created his own choreography for the first time in 1987 and founded the company Alias in 1993 in Geneva, for which he has developed 14 pieces. His work has won multiple awards. »Sideways rain« is one of the most breathtaking pieces of choreography of the last time and has been seen at all of the important European festivals.

    »Guilherme Botelho celebrates a dance of the senses which comes close to a trance. Hypnotic. Impressive. Striking. Fascinating« (Marie-Pierre Genecand,, Geneva, 07.09.2010).

    Uraufführung: 03.09.2010, La Bâtie, festival de Genève, Théâtre Forum Meyrin, Genf
    Produktion: Alias
    Koproduktion: La Bâtie, festival de Genève / Théâtre du Crochetan, Monthey / Théâtre Forum Meyrin
    Das Gastspiel in Leipzig erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch Pro Helvetia – Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Zürich, La Loterie romande, Genf, und Corodis, Lausanne.

    Choreografie: Guilherme Botelho

    Komposition: Murcof (Fernando Corona)

    Bühnenbild: Guilherme Botelho, Gilles Lambert, Stefanie Liniger

    Kostüme: Marion Schmid, Julia Hansen

    Lichtdesign: Jean-Philippe Roy

    Tänzer: Stéphanie Bayle, Philia Maillardet, Madeleine Piguet Raykov, Claire Marie Ricarte, Candide Sauvaux, Nefeli Skarmea, Fabio Bergamaschi, Erik Lobelius, Danilo Moroni, Julien Ramade, Amaury Reot, Adrian Rusmali, Christos Strinopoulos

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