Soirée Preljocaj / Ghost (Geist) / Centaures (Zentauren) / Still life (Stillleben)

Soirée Preljocaj / Ghost (Geist) / Centaures (Zentauren) / Still life (Stillleben)

Ballet Preljocaj / National Choreographic Center of Aix-en-Provence (France)

Sunday, November 10, 2019 // 07.30 p.m. - 9.15 p.m. (Festival Closing)
Schauspielhaus / Große Bühne

    This evening presents three choreographies by Angelin Preljocaj, one of the most important choreographers in France, showing the great aesthetic diversity of this artist:

    “Ghost” (“Geist”) is a tribute to Marius Petipa (1818-1910), founding father of classical ballet, on the occasion of his 200th birthday. Based on “Swan Lake”, pointe dance is mixed with contemporary elements.

    “Centaures” (“Centaurs”) shows two human beings – half man and half horse – wrestling with each other in a combative manner. They symbolize the possibility of a new beginning after the collapse.

    “Still life” (“Still life”) is a term from 17th century European painting. Vanitas motifs represent transience and death. Spirited group scenes and suggestive duets look like vivid paintings.

    Angelin Preljocaj was born in 1957 in Sucy-en-Brie near Paris. He studied classical and contemporary dance and was a dancer with Merce Cunningham and Dominique Bagouet from 1980. He founded his own company in Champigny-sur-Marne in 1985, which has been based in Aix-en-Provence as Ballet Preljocaj since 2006. He has choreographed 52 dance pieces – from solos to large ballets – both for his company and for the major opera houses in Paris, Milan, New York and Berlin. He was already a guest at euro-scene Leipzig in 2001 with “Helikopter” and “MC 14/22 (Ceci est mon corps)” and in 2005 with “Annonciation” (“Verkündigung”) and “N”.

    From 14 years

    28,00 / 24,00 / 18,00 € (reduced 24,00 / 19,00 / 13,00 €)

    “Ghost”: premiere: 27.11.2018, Festival Diaghilev. P.S., St. Petersburg

    “Centaures”: first performance: 23.01.1998, Maison des Arts de Créteil

    Coproduction: Maison des Arts de Créteil, Biennale de Danse du Val-de-Marne, Créteil

    “Still life”: Premiere: 21.09.2017, Pavillon Noir, Aix-en-Provence


    Productions: Ballet Preljocaj, Aix-en-Provence

    The guest performance in Leipzig is kindly supported by Institut français, Berlin & French Ministry of Culture – DGCA, Paris.

    Choreographies: Angelin Preljocaj

    / “Ghost” (German premiere) / 5 dancers

    Music: 79D, E. Cooley & O. Blackwell, Peter Tchaikovsky, “Swan Lake” op. 20 (excerpt)

    / “Centaures” (“Centaurs”) / 2 dancers

    Music: György Ligeti, String Quartet No 2 (extract)

    / “Still life” / 6 dancers

    Music: 79D, Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto

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    29th Festival Year