Compagnie Kenneth Kvarnström, Helsinki

Tuesday 7 Nov. // 07:30 – 08:30 p.m.

    Dance piece by Kenneth Kvarnström

    Modern dance in the burning-mirror of austerity, without flourishes, concentration on the essential in movement, space and time. Two pairs who ascertain themselves and the present. Togetherness and aloneness, lethargy and violence. Snippets of text, slides and videos, in interplay with the scene, are only discernible in fragments, just as we too can perceive the impressions that impinge upon us daily and hourly only as individual parts.

    The choreography of Kenneth Kvarnström is only apparently abstract. It becomes accessible at first in the form of movement and in its dreamy dance-like quality. But gradually one perceives more and more clearly momentary scenes, short sequences of relations, the helplessness of the body, associations with cold and the social milieu. Small, luminous blocks of stone are set up and give off additional light, blazing brightness for a small surrounding area, further away no longer visible. It requires intense concentration to set the pieces of the puzzle together – but this puzzle is always significantly shaped by one’s own point of view.

    Kenneth Kvarnström is among the most important choreographers of Scandinavia. Since 1987 he has choreographed more than 20 dance pieces in Sweden and from 1996-98 was artistic director and choreographer of the dance company at Helsinki’s City Theatre. Since then he has worked with his own company in Stockholm. His latest works: »no-no« (1996), »…and the angels began to scream« (1997), »108 dB« (1997) and »325.4 KG« (1998).

    »Perhaps more than any other choreography of Kenneth Kvarnström, ›Splitvision‹ lives from transparency. With its precise integration of space and all the intensity of this excellent dance, Kvarnström’s choreography carries you away again and again « (Auli Räsänen, ballett international/tanz aktuell, Berlin 7/2000).

    Uraufführung: 03.05.2000, Helsinki

    Produktion: Helsinki-Kulturhauptstadt Europa 2000 / Zodiak-Zentrum für Neuen Tanz, Helsinki / Kiasma Theater-Kiasma Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Helsinki / Dansens Hus, Stockholm / Tanztheater International – EXPO 2000, Hannover

    Das Gastspiel erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch das Schwedische Ministerium für Kultur, Stockholm-Kulturhauptstadt 1998.

    Idee und Choreografie: Kenneth Kvarnström

    Musik: Woozapower, Aphex Twin

    Lichtdesign: Vesa Ellilä

    Video: Teemu ok Kokkonen

    Tänzer: Cilla Olsen, Raisa Punkki, Mika Backlund, Mattias Ekholm

    Archive 2000

    10th Festival Year