Strange children

Strange children

Annette Jahns, Sächsische Staatsoper Dresden

Sunday 17 Nov. // 05:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

    Solo performance after themes from Ana Maria Matute’s stories

    Two years after her first solo performance »Spiegelungen« (»RefIections«), Annette Jahns launched her second production »Seltsame Kinder« (»Strange children«), based on stories by the Spanish writer Ana Maria Matute. The question, how do adults treat children, is answered bleakly in this piece with indifference, oppression, rejection and cruelty.

    »The adult world and the world of children confront each other in these dramatic and musical improvisations, arias, segments of film and quotations … The emphasis is on the musical side … Performances like this are rare in the five new German states« (Frankfurter Rundschau, 10.07.1991).

    Annette Jahns was born in Dresden in 1958; since 1986 she has sung alto in the Semperoper in her home town. Apart from her classical repertoire she has a particular liking for contemporary vocal music.

    Idee, Inszenierung und Ausstattung: Annette Jahns

    Choreografische Mitarbeit: Detlef Müller

    Musik: Karsten Gundermann, Georg Friedrich Händel, Fryderyk Chopin;
    Gerhard Winkler, Improvisationen

    Filme: Annette Jahns, Idee
    Thomas Claus, Kamera

    Musiker: Karl Jungnickel (Schlagwerk), Jobst Schneiderat (Tasteninstrumente), Ullrich Thiem (Violoncello)

    Archive 1991

    1st Festival Year