Tanz aus Prag (Dance from Prague)

Tanz aus Prag (Dance from Prague)

Andrea Miltnerová / Compagnie Nanohach

Wednesday 06. Nov. // 7.30 – 9.15 p.m.
Thursday 07. Nov. // 10.00 – 11.45 p.m.
From 12 years

    The independent Czech dance scene is rich and aesthetically diverse. Two interesting and quite different examples are presented here:

    In her solo “Tanec magnetické balerínky” (“Dance of the Magic Ballerina”) Andrea Miltnerová plays with the relation between a ballerina and a moth – between dance and nature. Her tutu poetically evokes the futile attempts of an insect to escape from our world.

    Andrea Miltnerová received dance training in her native London and moved to Prague in search of her Czech roots. She danced in the ballet of the Národní divadlo (National Theater) and currently works as a freelance choreographer and dancer. In 2011, she made a guest appearance at euro-scene Leipzig with the dance pieces “Pentimento” and “Fractured” (“Zerbrochen”).

    In “Orbis pictus” (lat.: The visible world) the Compagnie Nanohach explores the unconscious. A man and a woman try to explore the past through memory. Choreographers Michal Záhora and Lenka Bartůňková, together with renowned lighting designer Jan Komárek, created images of fascinating sensory illusions.

    The company was founded in 2004 by graduates of the Konzervatoř Duncan Centre Praha and is one of the most famous dance groups in Prague. It has worked with various domestic and foreign choreographers, including Nigel Charnock.

    1. Andrea Miltnerová

    Tanec magnetické balerínky (Dance of the Magic Ballerina)

    2. Compagnie Nanohach

    Orbis pictus

    1. »Tanec magnetické balerínky«: andreamiltner@volny.cz
    Premiere: 23.05.2012, Alfred ve dvoře, Prague

    Production: Andrea Miltnerová

    2. »Orbis pictus«: www.nanohach.cz
    World premiere: 27.11.2012, Divadlo (Theater) Ponec, Prague

    Production: Nanohach association & Honza Malík
    Co-production: Tanec Praha and Divadlo Ponec

    The guest performances in Leipzig are kindly supported by the
    of the German-Czech Future Fund – Česko-německý fond budoucnosti, Prague.

    1. Tanec magnetické balerínky (Dance of the magic ballerina)

    Dance solo

    Concept, choreography and dance: Andrea Miltnerová

    Lighting design, sound collage, stage design and costumes: Jan Komárek

    2. orbis pictus

    Dance duet

    German premiere

    Concept and choreography: Lenka Bartůňková, Michal Záhora

    Music: Carlo Natoli

    Stage and lighting design: Jan Komárek

    Dancers: Dagmar Chaloupková, Michal Záhora

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    23rd festival