Tanz oder Musik zuerst? (Dance or music at first?)

Tanz oder Musik zuerst? (Dance or music at first?)

with Gianfranco Celestino & Annalisa Derossi, Luxembourg

Sunday, 11. November // 2.00 – 3.30 p.m.

    • Workshop
    • Workshop

    What came first – the dance or the music? What connections can take place between the physical and the acoustic level? Through sound and movement improvisation, various approaches to the interplay between the two art forms will be explained and put into practice using examples.

    The workshop is aimed at amateurs and semi-professional dancers. Gianfranco Celestino and Annalisa Derossi will provide insights into the process of creating their dance concerto “Duo con piano – Dance piece for two pianists”, which will be shown as a guest performance at euro-scene Leipzig at the same venue. Both artists, born in Italy and living in Luxembourg, are trained dancers and pianists at the same time.

    From 14 years

    15,00 € (red. 10,00 €)

    Tickets only at the festival ticket office / limited number of places available

    On Nov. 10 and 11, the dance concert “Duo con piano – Dance piece for two pianists” will be shown at Peterskirche.

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    28th Festival Year