Tanz und moderne Technologien (Dance and modern technologies)

Tanz und moderne Technologien (Dance and modern technologies)

Frieder Weiss, Arthur Stäldi, Berlin

Friday 9. Nov. // 10:00 a.m. – 03:30 p.m.
Die Villa

    Frieder Weiss and Arthur Stäldi, members of the Berlin company LaborGras, will give the opportunity to get to know some of the latest interactive technologies. They approach dancers (professional and amateur dancers), singers, composers, performance and media artists, choreographers, computer scientists, lecturers and learners of all fields.


    – Presentation of various interactive technologies, e.g. Eyecon, Kalypso and their demonstration using videos

    – The basic modes of operation in audio and video processing

    – Introduction into movement-controlled interactive media control using Eyecon or real-time video operation respectively with Kalypso and practical exercises

    – The participants will create and present a small interactive performance.

    Am 07. und 08. Nov. gastiert LaborGras mit der multimedialen Performance »I, myself and me again« in der Neuen Szene

    Foto: Arthur Stäldi (links), Frieder Weiss

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