Tanzsoli international (International dance solos)

Tanzsoli international (International dance solos)

Gundula Peuthert, Berlin / Eduard Gabia, Bukarest / Pelma, Limassol

Thursday 3. Nov. // 07:30 – 09:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m – 12:00 a.m.
Neue Szene

    Nothing can express individuality better than a single human body. This evening demonstrates three individual dance solos from different cultural backgrounds, as a small, aesthetically attractive cosmos from our world.

    Gundula Peuthert, Berlin

    svhet’zes – Dialoge einer Frau

    A dancer gives insights into her everyday life. Her thoughts, dreams and visions are reflected on the stage. An interplay between dance and video art.

    Gundula Peuthert, born in Cottbus in 1969, studied dance and choreography in Leipzig and Berlin. She is an independent dancer and choreographer in Berlin. Employed since 1997 at the Vogtlandtheater Plauen, its artistic director in 1999/2000. Since that time she is an independant dancer and choreographer, also a guest choreographer at the Cottbus state theatre.

    Elena Sommer (photo), born in Leipzig in 1971, completed a stage dance degree at the Leipzig ballet school, and her masters and dance education degree at Palucca Schule Dresden. Work with Robert Wilson, Holger Bey and others. At the euro-scene Leipzig 2000, she made a guest appearance in »Pißputt« by Barbora Kryslová.

    Eduard Gabia, Bukarest


    Eduard Gabia chose physical extreme conditions such as days of blindness and sleep deprivation as research field. The movement in the dark is synonymous with the ignorance that is enlightened by a short incidence of light, i.e. human understanding.

    Eduard Gabia, born in Bucharest in 1979, trained at the »Floria Capsali« college of choreography and at the theatre and film academy in Bucharest. Since 1997, he has been working as a dancer with choreographers such as Sorana Badea and Mihai Mihalcea, and he is one of Romania’s most innovative choreographers.

    Pelma, Limassol

    Eye to I

    Where is a person’s external key to how they are inside? There are always several sides to a person who is difficult to recognise through physical and emotional patterns.

    Lia Haraki was born in Limassol/Cyprus in 1975 and studied at the Laban Centre in London. In 2003, she founded the Omada Pelma company (now called Pelma) and she has choreographed numerous pieces. At the euro-scene Leipzig 2004, Lia Haraki guest starred with her solo »Evergreen«.

    »svhet’zes« – Dialoge einer Frau

    Uraufführung: 15.11.2004, Berlin

    Emailadresse der Compagnie: gundula.peuthert@debitel.net

    Diese Veranstaltung wird ermöglicht durch das Nationale Performance Netz (NPN) aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Angelegenheiten der Kultur und der Medien sowie der Kultur- und Kunstministerien der Länder.


    Uraufführung: 28.04.2002, Bukarest

    Internetseiten der Compagnie: www.solitude-project.orangenet.ro

    Produktion: Proiect DCM Foundation und MAD Centre Bukarest

    Das Gastspiel erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Goethe-Instituts, München.

    Eye to I


    Uraufführung: 05.03.2005, Limassol

    Emailadresse der Compagnie: liaharaki@hotmail.com

    Produktion: Pelma und Rialto Theater/Limassol, Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur, Nicosia

    Das Gastspiel erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Ministeriums für Bildung und Kultur, Nicosia.

    svhet’zes – Dialoge einer Frau

    Choreografie: Gundula Peuthert

    Darstellerin: Elena Sommer

    Video: Gundula Peuthert, Marko E. Weigert

    Musik: Murcof Martes, Astor Piazzolla, sufi & MIC Estern Grooves, Alva Noto & ryuchi Sakamoto, Claude Debussy


    Konzept und Performance: Eduard Gabia

    Musik: Tricky


    Eye to I

    Choreografie und Performance: Lia Haraki

    Mentor: Guy Cools

    Musikcollage: Loizos Olympios

    Archive 2005

    15th festival