The Man kissing the Bottom of the Boat \ The Rider

The Man kissing the Bottom of the Boat \ The Rider

Derevo, St. Petersburg

Thursday 19 Nov. // 07:30 p.m. Friday 20 Nov. // 10:00 p.m.
Neue Szene

    We’re just like a boat drifting along on a river named life. Just as unexplainable and many-faceted as life itself are the productions of the Derevo troupe and they refuse to accept conventionality.

    Perhaps this performance is best described as »Silent Theatre«; modern dance, Butoh dance, clownery and pantomime; the sound range stretches from rock music and chansons to complete silence. A man has standards, yet there is so little time. Gloom changes to amusement, half-destroyed dolls are strewn amongst other stage regalia. Terminates the revelry on a fairground theatre; an impossible place to distinguish between fun and seriousness.

    Anton Adassinski was born 1959 in Siberia. He lived in St. Petersburg, the former Leningrad, and from 1982 on worked with Theatre Litsedei’s mime group. In 1986 he transformed a rock trio into a giant total theatre and as its director and choreographer caused sensations on the Soviet cultural scene.

    In 1988 Adassinski formed the Derevo Company in St. Petersburg. Two years ago, the troupe moved to Prague. Adassinski conducts workshops in which he teaches his »School on Wheels« system. His performances range from street theatre to improvisations. Derevo travelled to many European countries and played at the Jerusalem Festival in Israel as well as in the USA.

    »Not a second is wasted on servile flattery, there are no nibbles of preportioned fare, nothing is conveniently prepackaged. Anton Adassinski and his troupe don’t sway off their chosen path and go radically their way« (Die Presse, Wien, 01.08.1989).

    »Pictures of great suggestive power are created. They are able to communicate without help of the spoken word and yet, their meaning couldn’t be more impressive even though some lost course of action remains obscure« (Rheinische Post, Düsseldorf, 05.06.1991).

    Inszenierung und Choreografie: Anton Adassinski

    Musik: Rastiam Dubinnikov u. a.

    Bühnenbild und Kostüme: Compagnie Derevo

    Licht: Anatoli Kojantchikov

    Darsteller: Anton Adassinski, Elena Yarovaya, Tatiana Khabarova, Alexei Merkushev, Marat Temirgazov

    Archive 1992

    2nd Festival Year