• Dakh Daughters (Ukraine)
11. November  19:30 - 21:00 RollstuhlgerechtRollstuhlgerechtRollstuhlgerecht
Schauspiel Leipzig / Große Bühne
  • 2023
  • Scenic concert

With German surtitles | Trigger warning

They sing for their homeland, just like they enchanted the barricades at the Maidan Square in 2014. Since Russia’s attack on their home country, the five Ukrainians – in the meantime, the most famous of all Kiev’s female artists – have been living in France. They worked towards international fame with shows of music and singing, as angry clowns of a “Freak Cabaret”, in which they shouted out and sung their thirst for freedom to the world that was as crazy and wild as it was subtle. Each of them plays multiple instruments between Punk, Cabaret and expressionist music theatre, while they always have in mind how Ukrainian cities and people are being afflicted.

They call their new program UKRAINE FIRE, and it means more than ever: art as resistance, as a musical and visual manifesto for freedom and life. An inner fire is burning, now just a flame of hope, as in a ceremony for the victims of the war. Between rap sessions and more quiet moments, they also take a perspective/performative look at their homeland’s musical tradition. They sing about the desire to return to their families and let all cliché roles burst – wherever in the world – that women are pressed into. With their symbolic contribution to resistance, the Dakh Daughters declaim how valuable each expression of solidarity is for their country. And without a doubt: their star, which rose long before the war, will by far outlast this time of darkness.

+ Sun, November 12: discourse program NO WOMEN, NO PEACE on peace negotiations at die naTo

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Director Vlad Troitskyi Performance Nataliya Halanevych, Ruslana Khazipova, Solomiia Melnyk, Anna Nikitina, Nataliia Zozul and Tetyana Troistka Light + Video Mariia Volkova Sound Simon Auffret Light technique Astkhik Hryoryan Video technique Mariia Yakovenko Booking DdD Creation ACB Scène Nationale – Le Théâtre – Bar-le-Duc, March 2022

Production Dakh Theatre, DdD Guest performance support Goethe-Institut 

Photo Maxim Dondyuk