Wenn du kommst … gehe ich! (When you come … I go!)

Wenn du kommst … gehe ich! (When you come … I go!)

Tanz multimedial, Zürich

Sunday 17 Nov. // 07:00 p.m.

    German premier

    This production is a thought-provoking mixture of movement, enthusiastic dance, drama and set design. »Wenn du kommst …gehe ich!« (»When you come … I go!«) examines man’s increasing alienation and isolation. Entertainment value and a variety of styles characterise the images of loneliness, love-hate relationships, selfishness, aggression and the rules of society. These are further enhanced by the use of voice and text.

    This up-and-coming group from Zurich, under the artistic direction of Hansjörg Hellinger, is well-known in Swiss dance circles. Each of the dancers has been trained in classical ballet as well as in modern dance. Before working as a choreographer, Hellinger danced with the Zurich Dance Theatre and with Contemporary Dance Paula Lansley.

    »First-class avant-garde modern dance was the order of the day … « (Trierischer Volksfreund, 04.06.1991).

    Final Night

    Choreografie: Hansjörg Hellinger und Carol Meyer

    Musik: M. Nyman, J.-F. Lalanne, L. Stroschen, G. Bregovic, H. Karaindrou, P. Gabriel, H. Hellinger

    Kostüme: B. Mens, C. Meyer

    Lichtdesign und Bühnenbild: H. Hellinger

    Tänzer: Carlos C. D. Azevedo, Carol Meyer, Mathilde Bitterli; Roli Minder, Regula Zihlmann, Walter Dorigo, Kathi Muth, Anna Eichenberger

    Archive 1991

    1st Festival Year