Festival profile

euro-scene Leipzig takes place every year in early November and presents 12 to 14 dance and theater pieces from, and about, Europe over six days. The program focuses on current theater and innovative dance as well as the latest forms of performance presentation, which are intended to challenge on a content-related and formal level: courageous, contemporary, socially engaged pieces and politically relevant works, as well as performances that touch sensually or emotionally, impress aesthetically, and offer discussion material for a subsequent exchange between the audience and the artists. The performances are complemented by discussion forums, talks, lectures, films, training and audience development.

A main focus of the program is on in-house and co-productions as well as German premieres and world premieres. These are created in cooperation with partners in Leipzig and throughout Europe and increase the festival’s international appeal.

euro-scene Leipzig presents a diverse spectrum of performances, ranging from well-known and important artists to new discoveries from the younger generation. In this way, the festival addresses a “broad” audience of different age groups and artistic preferences.

The festival has been an integral part of Leipzig’s cultural life for over 30 years and is equally well established in the Free State of Saxony and beyond. It enjoys great public interest and has become an integral part of the autumn festival calendar in Leipzig.

The euro-scene Leipzig program takes place in various venues. These include the stages of Schauspiel, Oper, Theater der Jungen Welt, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Westflügel or LOFFT – Das Theater. In addition, there are projects that leave the stage and incorporate urban space or rediscover unusual locations such as museums.