10th Festival 2000

Main programme

Sonntag 05 Nov., Montag 06. Nov. und Dienstag 08. Nov. // 19.30 – ca. 21.15 Uhr
Zentralantiquariat Leipzig

Eigenproduktion der euro-scene Leipzig


Szenische Visionen nach Texten von Ernst Bloch


Wolfgang Krause Zwieback

Konzeption und Projektleitung:

Michael Freundt

Technische Gesamtleitung:

Bernd Erich Gengelbach

Teil I


René Reinhardt


David Woods, Jon Hough, Heinz Hellmich

Teil II


Stefan Kanis


Sandra Bringer, Carsten Hentrich, Conny Wolter

Teil III


Wolfgang Krause Zwieback


Thorsten Berg, Peter Müller, Wolfgang Krause Zwieback

Am 07. Nov. findet ein Gespräch über diesen Abend mit den drei Regisseuren statt.
Moderation: Michael Freundt, Leipzig

When we were little, the year 2000 was the symbol of the future. Today, having arrived at this date, only the present is taking place. Many a utopian dream that were supposed to be realised in the new millennium are long vanished. Some exist only on paper now. All utopias and dreams become books. Knowledge is stored and filed in the hope that it will be needed again one day – as a source of inspiration for a new generation. Fantasies rise up and grow into new life on stage.

In the year 2000 the euro-scene Leipzig has invited three Leipzig theatrical artists to an unusual location to stage their of the flight of ideas and the search for their hidden utopian hope. The headquarters of the Leipzig Central Antiquarian Department, with its shelved store-rooms, mountains of books and winding corridors, will become the scene and stage for a sensuous collage rich in images.

René Reinhardt, Stefan Kanis and Wolfgang Krause Zwieback are not only connected to different performance sites and theatrical companies, they will give expression to their very individual aesthetic and thoroughly individual point of view on the topic. Nevertheless, the particular acts in this first shared effort are connected into a whole. The audience member, like the books, goes his way through warehouses and book-halls, is sorted into the stocks. He encounters the administrators, archivists and those restlessly seeking, the visionaries and people spraying their thoughts.

The philosopher Ernst Bloch (1885-1977) wrote his major work »Das Prinzip Hoffnung« (»The Principle of Hope«) as an emigrant in the United States from 1938-47. After the war he taught at the Universität Leipzig, but was dismissed in 1957, lost his chair and never again returned to East Germany from lectures in the Federal Republic of Germany. »Speicherung« (»Storage«) uses above all passages from »Das Prinzip Hoffnung« and from the first edition of »Geist der Utopie« (»Spirit of Utopia«), which appeared in 1918.

Das Gastspiel erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch den Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., Essen.