10th Festival 2000

Main programme

Samstag 04. Nov. und Sonntag 05. Nov. // 13.00 – 14.00 Uhr
Dienstag 07. Nov. und Mittwoch 08. Nov. // 13.00 – 14.00 Uhr
theater fact

Icelandic Theatre Company, Reykjavik

»1000 eyja sósa«

(»1000 isländische Suppen«)

Stück von Hallgrímur Helgason



Hallgrímur Helgason


Magnús Geir Thórdarson

Bühnenbild und Kostüm:

Snorri Freyr Hilmarsson


Kjartan Pórisson


Stefán Karl Stefánsson

In isländischer Sprache

Eine deutsche Fassung des Stücktextes ist ab 01.11. im Festivalbüro und an der Kasse des Schauspielhauses sowie vor den Vorstellungen im theater fact erhältlich.

Icelanders love to eat soup – and thus the audience is served some Icelandic soup for lunch as the prelude to the play, before the stage changes into an aeroplane cabin.

The very busy business man Karl Sigurdur sits in a plane and wants to get away forever. Working for several companies and being under an enormous amount of stress, he hardly remembers which one he is acting for at the moment. A »flexible, dynamic, young man«, a skilled speaker, who nevertheless has nothing to say to his wife or his business partners on his mobile phone. Suddenly, he is sucked as if in a slip-stream out of the window, then into the toilet. Fears break out, the light starts flickering...

The little play combines – next to its thrilling action – the dream of the Icelanders to get from the edge of Europe closer to the centre of the world with the metaphor of flying and the misconception that one can change oneself with a change of environment.

The Icelandic Theatre Company is the most important independent theatre group in Iceland. It performs at the Idnó Theatre, the house of the former municipal theatre, situated at a lake in downtown Reykjavik, which was converted into an alternative art centre in 1998. Stefán Karl Stefánsson belongs to Iceland's best actors and has worked in various roles at the Idnó Theatre as well as at the National Theatre. Writer Hallgrímur Helgason has written for magazines, radio shows and films. Of his numerous, highly popular novellas »101 Reykjavik« was made into a film. The guest performance of the Icelandic Theatre Company at the euro-scene Leipzig will be their first appearance abroad.

Uraufführung: 07.06.1999, Reykjavik

Produktion: Idnó-Theater, Reykjavik

Das Gastspiel erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch die Isländische Botschaft, Berlin.