14th Festival 2004

Main programme

Freitag 12. Nov. // 22.30 – 24.00 Uhr
Samstag 13. Nov. // 22.30 – 24.00 Uhr
Schaubühne Lindenfels

»Tanz. Prag«


The Ponec Theatre, in an old factory building directly on a railway bridge, opened its doors three years ago and is now THE place to go for modern dance in Prague. The institution TANEC PRAHA supports the young choreographers all year round.

Im Anschluss an beide Vorstellungen: Tschechische Music mit DJ und kleines tschechisches Buffet

»Aigues Mortes – Totes Wasser« (»Aigues Mortes – Místo mrtvých vod«)


Věra Ondrašiková


David Hysek


Tereza Ondrová, Věra Ondrašiková, Honza Malík, Daniel Bic

The angular form of the medieval city walls of the small provincial city of Aigues Mortes stands as a metaphor for insurmountable obstacles.

Věra Ondrašiková, born in Prague in 1979, has danced in numerous works by independent choreographers and in leading roles at the Prague Chamber Ballet. In 2004, she completed her choreography degree in Prague and won the 1st prize for »Aigues Mortes« (»Place of Dead Waters«) at the Masdanza choreography competition in Gran Canaria.

Uraufführung: 27.04.2003, Prag

»Die Bräute des Charon« (»Nevesty Cháronovyl«)


Kristýna Celbová, Zuzana Vitousová


Kristýna Celbová, Jana Hudecková, Sona Kupcová, Marta Trpisovská, Zuzana Vitousová

The ferryman Charon carries the dead into the underworld at the river Acheron. The combination of water, the cries of gulls, and sand form mystical scenery for the dancepiece »The Brides of Charon«.

Kristýna Celbová, born in Bene?ov in 1980, completed her dance training in 2001 in Prague and has been studying choreography since 2002. Zuzana Vitoušová born in Prague in 1981, trained in dance in Prague and New York, and is now studying Physiotherapy.

Uraufführung: 15.06.2000, Prag

»Nachtfalter« (»Noční můra«)


Petra Hauerová


Vladimír 518

Musik und Toncollage:

David Vrbík


Petra Brabcová

Expressive Dance is linked with modern technology (laser and video animation) – this uncommon combination lets »Noční můra« (»Moth«) become a dance highlight in Prague this year.

Petra Hauerová, born in Plzeň in 1975, studied dance in her home city in Prague, in London and Amsterdam, as well as studying educational theory in Karlovy Vary. She has been choreographing many pieces, also for Carl Orff's »Carmina Burana« at the state opera in Prague.

Uraufführung: 14.05.2004, Prag