15th Festival 2005



(»Elective Affinities«)

Theatre and dance from the old and new Europe

01 – 06 November 2005

(Preface to the printed programme – including conception of the festival)

What has been affecting me in this 15th festival year:

To all partners in city, state, and federal government, to the sponsors, my team, Alain Platel, Michael Freundt, many colleagues at home and abroad

The death of Matthias Renner, founder of the euro-scene Leipzig in October 1993, three weeks before the 3rd festival

Working maxim:
Never »tomorrow«, always »today«

Unfulfilled wish for a guest performance up to now:
Christoph Marthaler, Germany / Johann Le Guillerm, Paris

Guest performance longest wished for:
Emio Greco

The term »Elective Affi nities«, originally borrowed from chemistry and taken on by Goethe stands for a freedom of choice as well as for a certain irrationality of human action = »kindred spirits«.

14 guest performances = 7 marvellous plays of companies that are known throughout Europe and 7 individual companies to be discovered / again with a focal point on Eastern Europe / 9 reunions with »elective affi nities« and 5 new acquaintances / for the 7th time »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«)

Lights going out prior to each performance and a curious audience

Ann-Elisabeth Wolff
Festival Director and Artistic Direction

Leipzig, 09.09.2005