16th Festival 2006

Fringe programme

Mittwoch 08. Nov. // 17.00 – ca. 18.30 Uhr
Eintritt frei
Festivalzentrum im theater fact

Film und Gespräch

»Avignon – Cour d'honneur et champs de bataille«
(»Avignon – Ehrenhof und Schlachtfeld«)

60 Jahre Festival d'Avignon
Film von Michel Viotte und Bernard Faivre d'Arcier

Koproduktion: ARTE France, l'INA und Compagnie des Indes in Zusammenarbeit mit Centre National de la Cinématographie, Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, PROCIREP und ZDF

Uraufführung: 13.07.2006, ARTE / 20.07.2006, Festival d'Avignon
Dauer: 74 Minuten / In deutscher Sprache

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch ARTE France, Paris

Einführung und Gespräch: Bernard Faivre d'Arcier, Paris
Moderation: Ann-Elisabeth Wolff

Since its foundation in 1947 by Jean Vilar, the Avignon festival has grown into one of the most significant theatre festivals in France and one of the most famous in the world. Every July, the modernity and radicality of its performances ensure provocation, enthusiasm and critique. Embedded in the bright light of Provence and the city which, with the Papal Palace and the famous bridge, represents a unique memorial to cultural history, the festival has developed from purely classical theatre to new forms in conjunction with dance and fine art.

The excellent documentary film shows the history and atmosphere of the festival on the occasion of its 60th anniversary in 2006, with numerous interviews and archive recordings (e.g. with Gérard Philipe, Maria Casarès, by Maurice Béjart, Pina Bausch, Ariane Mnouchkine and Robert Wilson) through to pieces from the 2005 festival (e.g. by Josef Nadj, Thomas Ostermeier, Oliver Puy and Jan Fabre).

Bernard Faivre d'Arcier, director of the Avignon festival in 1980-84 and 1993-2003, will report on his very interesting experience. Not least, both of our festivals have a connection in their support for certain artists, such as Alain Platel, Krzysztof Warlikowski, Angelin Preljocaj and Romeo Castellucci.